How to Calculate Your Laptop Wattage Per Hour? Check These Quick Steps!

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Are you planning to buy a computer and want to know all about laptop wattage? Understanding watts for laptops and watts for computers can come in handy when budgeting for them and learning how to maintain them. 

Moreover, if you want to be tech-savvy and learn more about high-end PC builds, gaming laptops, technical components, etc., keep reading to find out more!

If you wonder how much energy does a laptop use, the answer depends on various factors. 

For example, laptop wattage depends on the graphics cards, the processor, your adapter or charger, and how much you use it.

The best part is you can even calculate how much power does a computer uses per hour through various expertly-tested methods.

So let us learn about these factors, check how many WH does a laptop uses, how to calculate it, and reduce excessive power consumption.

Do You Wish to Build Your Laptop?

If you want the laptop of your dreams, then it is time to know more about how many watts does a laptop uses

It can help you budget your build, understand the type of laptop you need, and research its features to find the best option! So let us start by understanding laptop wattage and how much power does a computer uses per hour.


How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use?


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Calculating Your Laptop’s Wattage Consumption

If you want to calculate your laptop wattage and understand how many watts does a computer uses, you need to consider various factors. They are:

– computer types

– software and hardware configurations

how many watts does a computer monitor draw

– yearly upgrades, etc. 

Assessing these features can help you understand the consumption of wattage for computers

These days, more brands and trying to optimize PC’s power consumption to make them more energy-efficient. So let us check through these factors to understand your laptop power needs.

The Type of Laptop

According to our research, a 15-inch generic, everyday use laptop generally consumes 60-watt per hour. But all 15-inch laptops do not consume this exact power. The wattage of a laptop varies according to its primary usage. 

For example, a gaming laptop will consume more power/hour and reach an average of 320-watts from hours of heavy gaming. 

These laptops come with tonnes of features for a high-performance gaming experience that draws in more power.

Similarly, a high-end laptop used by engineering students and coding professionals will need higher laptop wattage

Now, if your laptop gets hotter by the minute due to heavy gaming, dust accumulation, heavy-duty applications, etc., cooling pads can help you out.

Cooling down a laptop can prevent it from heating up and consuming excess wattage per hour. 

Laptop CPU

The answer to how many wattages does a computer uses? also lies in its system’s CPU processor. 

So the watts of a laptop with a lower-end or regular CPU will be lower than a PC with powerful processors.

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For example, if your laptop has an Intel i5 processor, it will consume less energy to stay active. However, a computer that runs on fast computation and higher performance (Intel 17 or Intel i9, for example) will consume more power. 

Therefore, your CPU plays a crucial role in your laptop wattage consumption.

Graphics Card

If you were wondering how many watts does a gaming pc uses, the answer lies in its GPU. If a laptop has a powerful GPU, it also comes with a:

  • High-end CPU/Processor
  • Better battery life
  • Breathtaking display

They consume more power and are essential components of expensive gaming laptops and office laptops. 

GPUs such as RTX 2060, RTX 2070, and RTX 2080 need more energy to run effortlessly. 

So if you want to spend less on your laptop, consider one with a lower-spec graphics card or without one entirely. 

The Laptop’s Adapter Charger

Laptop chargers and adapters consume power to keep your laptop running. Plugged chargers use electricity even when it is not charging the laptop. 

Low-end and affordable laptops have 60 watts adapters since they need less power consumption. 

Gaming laptops and work laptops, on the other hand, come with 90-watt adapters for higher power consumption

Current adapters are more energy-efficient and do not consume excess power. They balance laptop wattage and its usage. 

So the answer to how many watts to charge a laptop lies in the laptop’s adapter. 

How Many Watts Does a Gaming Laptop Use?


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If you wonder how much watts does my laptop uses, it is always 2-5 times more than a regular laptop’s power consumption. 

A regular low-end or affordable laptop consumes 20-Watt to 100-Watt when the computer is at 10% battery with an unplugged charger. 

An average high-end gaming laptop wattage ranges from 40-Watt to 320-Watt. Since these laptops come with specialized units and components for an enhanced gaming experience, they consume more power.

You also have to factor in its size, software, hardware, processor, and chargers when you check the wattage of a laptop.

An Apple MacBook’s Watt Consumption Detail

If you have a MacBook and wondered how many watts to charge a laptop from Apple, the calculation is pretty simple!

An Apple’s laptop wattage varies according to their sizes. So if you own a 13-inch Apple MacBook, it consumes 61-Watt per hour. It can stay on for 10 hours a day without charging.

The 15-inch Apple laptops consume 84-Watt/hour and can run for longer hours.

The wattage for a computer from Apple always depends on what you use it for, maintenance, and the updated versions.

Tips on Reducing Your Laptop Wattage/Power Consumption

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There are some pretty easy ways to reduce laptop wattage consumption and make your electricity bills more affordable. 

First, you need to differentiate between how much power does a computer uses per hour and how much it actually needs instead. 

It is never a good idea to overcharge your laptop computer as it can affect its battery. 

But before we get to know more about calculating the watts of a computer and improving its longevity, let us look at ways to reduce it!

Charge Your Laptop on Time

If your laptop’s battery is between 10% and 15%, plug in the charger immediately. You can keep it active and not lose important current work data.

Moreover, an unplugged laptop with and low battery consumes more laptop wattage and excess energy to keep it active. So putting it to charge on time can always help reduce power consumption. 

Maintain Lower (But Comfortable) Screen Brightness

Do you keep your laptop on the highest brightness? Then it might contribute to excessive battery consumption. High brightness can consume more watts/hour.

So if you are outdoors and do not want to exhaust your laptop’s charge, just lower its brightness! 

Ensure that the current lowered brightness is comfortable for your eyes.

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Opt for a Reliable Cooling Pad

You can always ask a tech expert about reliable cooling pad brands and get one for your laptop. Cooling pads are the best answer for laptops that heat up too fast while charging or doing heavy-duty work.

Change Processor and Upgrade When Required

Too much work pressure on your laptop might stress and reduce your CPU’s work capacity. So it is best to upgrade your hardware as soon as you notice your laptop slowing down, shutting off suddenly, or heating up too much.

Talk to an expert for the best solutions on laptop CPUs. 

Tips on Calculating Laptop Wattage 

If you have a question like, ‘how much wattage does my pc need?’ and want to check the power draw, PC and laptops, there are 2 methods: 

  • Manual calculation
  • Electric Usage Monitor

Manual Calculation

You can manually calculate the approximate watts of a laptop with the help of its features. 

If your laptop’s system is powered by an NVIDIA graphics card, you can go to their official website, check out your laptop’s configuration, and find its power consumption details!

A laptop’s back panel also holds the laptop wattage details, and you can look there too. The charger and adapter can also help you know the power consumption/hour.

For a more accurate reading, add the screen brightness, processor details, number of hours it was one hour per day, etc. 

Electric Usage Monitor

An Electric Usage Monitor can accurately calculate how many watts a laptop uses. You have to plug it into a wall outlet and plug your laptop’s charger adapter into its socket. 

When your laptop charges, the Electric Usage Monitor will read your laptop’s power consumption/hour. Thanks to its accurate reading, you can assess your PC’s exact laptop wattage to stay active for one hour. 


Which consumes more power, a laptop or a PC?

We researched various PCs and found out that a regular laptop consumes lesser power than a computer. 

But the laptop wattage also varies according to its type. So if you have a gaming laptop, its power consumption will be higher than a regular laptop. 

ASUS, ACER, HP, and DELL; is there a laptop wattage difference among these brands?

PC brands do not play any role in calculating the wattage of a laptop. It all depends on the computer you go for. 

For example, if you have a DELL regular laptop, its power consumption will be lesser than a DELL gaming laptop.

Which draws more power, a gaming laptop or a regular laptop?

How many wattage does a computer uses can really vary according to a laptop’s features.

A gaming laptop comes with more specifications than its regular counterpart. It has better and beautiful graphics, higher processing power, high performance from better CPUs, versatility, and an overall high-quality gaming experience. 

And thanks to these features, your gaming laptop draws more power than your regular laptop.

What are the laptop power needs for a 15.6-inch laptop?

According to our research on around 230 15.6-inch laptops, it is approximately 60 Watts.

What would the power consumption be for my 17-inch laptop?

We ran a few tests and found out that 17-inch laptops, as a result of their specs, consume about 90 Watts.


Knowing what laptop wattage is and how to calculate it can help you buy and maintain your PC. So if you own a laptop that consumes 60-Watt per hour, you can charge it accordingly and maintain an optimum power supply. 

Figuring out the wattage for computers and laptops can help secure your system from heating up or overcharging. All you need to do is find the accurate results using one of the two methods mentioned above. 

And if you need any help understanding how much energy does a laptop uses, do mention it in the comment section below or contact us today!