Learn How to Connect Airpods to HP Laptop

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2022)
How to Connect Airpods to HP Laptop

Apple’s AirPods are the most talked-about product. Whether you’ve got a pair already or not, there’s no denying that they’re the must-have gadget of the season. 

However, if you have an HP laptop, you might be wondering how exactly you can connect your brand new AirPods to your HP laptop. We’ve got it covered for you!

From connecting your AirPods using Bluetooth, connecting with the help of Wifi, or even connecting via the cable that comes with your Airpods, you’ll find tips and tricks that will make it easier than ever before. Are you ready for this? Let’s get started!

When Apple launches its new generation Airpods, it prompts many users to use these wireless earbuds to connect with HP laptops and other notebooks manufactured by Dell, Acer, Asus, etc.

Apple Airpods can be paired with MacBook and iPhone easily. 

If Apple’s wireless headphones can be connected to MacBook, then we assume that the same can be possible with other laptops as well, right? But many people think it is not the case. 

However, there is a solution that does Airpods work with non-Apple computers. Follow our simple to follow steps to figure out how.

4 Easy Steps To Connect Airpods to HP Laptop

To help you out, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to connect AirPods to an HP laptop.

This method works for all like Airpods1, Airpods 2, Airpods Pro and Airpods Max, and all the laptops that support Bluetooth pairing! 

STEP 1: Turn On Your AirPods For Bluetooth Pairing

Open Your Airpods case and turn your Airpods. For that, You simply hold down the power button for about 5 seconds and then release it.

It will begin to blink white light to indicate that it is ready for pairing.

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Now your Airpods are ready for Bluetooth pairing with your HP Laptop!

Let’s move towards the next step. 

STEP 2: Open Bluetooth Settings in Windows 


If you don’t know how to open Bluetooth settings in Windows, don’t worry. 

Here is a simple way to do it! 

  • Click Start Button on your windows
  • Then Select “Settings Icon” on the left Corner above Power Icon
  • Click on “Devices” to open it
  • Click on “Bluetooth & other devices” to open Bluetooth Settings

Below is a simple guide to the above!

Start button, Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices

Now you are in Bluetooth settings.

STEP 3: Turn on Bluetooth Pairing in Windows

For turning on Bluetooth pairing, you have to add Airpods to your paired devices in windows.

For adding Airpods to paired devices, you have to click on the “Add Bluetooth & other devices” icon marked with the “+” sign.

When you click on the icon, you will get three options to click on Bluetooth Option.

Search for devices, and you will be able to find your Airpods there pair them. 

Make sure your Airpods are On and are in Pairing Mode.

 If they are not in Pairing Mode, follow “Step 1”, bring them in pairing mode, and search again. 

STEP 4: Check If it’s Connected

To test whether Airpods are connected or not, play some audio or song from your laptop and listen to it. 

That’s it!

Enjoy now, as you have successfully connected your Airpods to an HP laptop.


Apple users have many options for connecting their AirPods, but they can still be confusing for those who are not familiar. 

We are here to help you guys and provide a guide in simple steps, and if you followed all steps correctly in our “How to Connect Airpods to HP Laptop” guide, you would have successfully connected your Airpods to your laptop.

If you have any questions, please ask us without hesitation or check the FAQS provided at the end of this guide. 

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Thank You! 


Q. Why isn’t my HP laptop Bluetooth working?

HP laptops, as of late, have come with integrated Bluetooth connectivity capabilities. 

If your laptop Bluetooth is not working, these could be the reason:

  • Some models still do not include the ability to connect to wireless devices, such as cell phones, AirPods, and tablets.
  • Make sure your HP laptop model supports Bluetooth pairing.
  • Another reason could be you have not turned on Bluetooth Pairing.
  • Sometimes virus could be the issue. Scan your laptop with good antivirus software.

Q. Can you use Apple AirPods Pro with an HP laptop?

Yes, this guide is for all, and the procedure is the same whether it’s Airpods1, Airpods 2, Airpods Pro, or Airpods Max

Q. Why are my AirPods not connecting to my Windows laptop?

If you have paired them before, try to disconnect them and unpair them. After unpairing, try to pair them again by following the steps provided in the above guide.

Also, make sure the laptop and Airpods are both in pairing mode.

Q. Does AirPods have a mic?

Yes, the AirPods have a built-in microphone for recording, answering calls, and for using Siri.