Photo Screen Savers Not Working in macOS Monterey

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)

If you’re using a photo screen saver on your macOS computer and it’s not working, there’s a good chance that you’re not using the latest version of the software. 

macOS Monterey, released in late 2018, includes several new features that improve the user experience by modernizing the underlying platform.

macOS Monterey update screen

One of these features is an improved photo screensaver. Following are instructions on how to enable the photo screensaver in macOS Monterey. 

Screen Saver Not Working in macOS Monterey

If you’re having trouble getting your screensaver to work in macOS Monterey, there may be a few things you can try. First, make sure that the screen saver is enabled in System Preferences. 

Next, check to see if the screen saver file is being recognized by macOS. Finally, make sure that your graphics card is compatible with the screen-saver format.

Installing OS monterey

So, What’s the Solution?

Are you having trouble saving photos to your screensaver on your Macbook? If so, you are not alone. 

Many users are reporting that their photo screen savers are not working on macOS Mojave. This issue seems to be widespread and is definitely causing some headaches for people trying to save photos for later use.

There are a few different things that could be causing this problem. Some people believe that the new security features in macOS Mojave may be interfering with the functionality of the photo screensaver. 

Others suggest that there may be an issue with the updated Screen Saver app included with macOS Mojave. There have been reports of Screen Saver not working at all, or only partially working, after upgrading to macOS Mojave.

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If you are experiencing problems saving photos to your screensaver, there is a workaround that may work for you. 

You can try changing the default Screen Saver app in System Preferences >Screen Saver. If that does not work, you can try downloading a new Screen Saver app from the App Store and installing it. 

Apple Macbook with OS Mojave

Both of these solutions will require some experimentation on your part to find one that works properly for you. 

Regardless of what solution you choose, it is important to mention this issue to Apple so they can address it in a future update of macOS Mojave.

M1 Max MacBook Pro Laptop
Model NameMacBook Pro
Screen Size16.2 Inches
ColorSpace Gray
Hard Disk Size512 GB
CPU ModelOthers
Ram Memory Installed Size16 GB
Operating SystemMac OS
Graphics Card DescriptionIntegrated
Graphics CoprocessorM1 Pro


If you’re having trouble getting your photo screen savers to work in macOS Monterey, 

Here are a few suggestions that may help: – 

  • Make sure your Mac is up to date with the latest security and software updates. 
  • Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) on your Mac. 
  • Check for plugged-in devices that might be interfering with communications between your computer and the photo screensaver software.